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Nye den 15 august 2015
My whole life is a dark room

Welcome on my profile :D
• emo •
I'm from Poland
I was Born 5 september 1998
I speak English, germany, russian, polish and learn Japanese ;)
I come here from Blingee

17/04/2022 11:23

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Goth woman
My whole life is a dark room
Rêves de Paris
Woman in Paris with her Car
ᴘᴀʀɪs ᴍᴏɴ ᴀᴍᴏᴜʀ
The Tourists
ᗪᗴᗰI ᒪᗝᐯᗩ丅ᗝ
Ⓓⓔⓜⓘ Ⓛⓞⓥⓐⓣⓞ
ຮεໄεηα φοຕεຂ
ᔕᗝᑌᐯᗴᑎIᖇᔕ ᗪᗴ ᑭᗩᖇIᔕ
𝚁𝚎̂𝚟𝚎𝚜 𝚍𝚎 𝙿𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚜
ᗪᗴᗰI ᒪᗝᐯᗩ丅ᗝ ᔕᑭᖇIᑎǤ ᐯᗴᖇ.
Miley Cyrus
Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez
ຮεւεηα Գօмεຂ
Paris ♥
Demi Lovato ♥
Demi Lovato♥
Emo Scene
Nostalgia 1# Selena Gomez
Scene Queen
♥ Emo ♥
La vie, c'est Paris! Paris, c'est la vie!
>> Brookelle Bones << Scene Queen >>
>> Tonstaar << Scene Queen >>
>> Emo now <<
Brookelle Bones >> Scene Queen << Emo Scene
Me ⭐️
Rain in Paris

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Herbst, automne, autumn
· den 23 marts 2021
;) :D ;;) have a nice evening ;;) >:D< :D ;)
· den 8 marts 2021
Happy WOMEN's Day !!!, on your day I send you a warm and affectionate hug and many kisses, dear friend !!!! =(( :P :P >:D< >:D< =; =;
· den 4 marts 2021
I'm Anime_World and Anime_Mix..^^

Sry, for my new Account.. but, i delete the Other Account equal.^^
and this is my current Account.^^

Love Greetings..^^
Happy One Year and Six Months, Ashiya!
· den 17 februar 2021
Hey! I added you, it’s asterioswaifu from Blingee! >:D<
· den 17 februar 2021

No Problem, i thank you too for the Adding me back.

Love Greetings!^^
· den 14 februar 2021
Hello Friend!

I'm Anime_World by here.
I've a new Account..
i've you added!^^

Krissy. >:D<
》┋Something you create┋《
· den 31 januar 2021
Hey, it's Kiwi120 from Blingee.
I added you here since Blingee seems to be closing soon.
Have a nice day! :)
· den 19 januar 2021
Hello Friend.. i'm AnimeLover6 of Blingee.. I've you added!^^

Love Greetings. >:D<
💍 Megatron
· den 19 januar 2021
Hello! I'm Teodoruka from Blingee! ^^
I added you to my friends list! >:D<
Music expresses that which cannot be said
· den 19 januar 2021
No problem! You have awesome picnic creations :x

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