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Aphorisms and thoughts ...

I have removed the text from my profile to avoid further tension!
I reserve the right to re-enter it if things don't change.

Smile is the biggest slap you can give to ignorance. Silence is the greatest gift to be given to those who talk too much. Indifference is the true justice towards too much conviction. Real victory is not feeling the need to prove who we are.

Sono stanco, capo. Stanco di andare sempre in giro solo come un passero nella pioggia. Stanco di non poter mai avere un amico con me che mi dica dove andiamo, da dove veniamo e perché. Sono stanco soprattutto del MALE che GLI UOMINI FANNO a tutti gli altri uomini. Stanco di tutto il dolore che io sento, ascolto nel mondo ogni giorno, ce n'è troppo per me. È come avere pezzi di vetro conficcati in testa sempre continuamente. Lo capisci questo?
Continue to steal, everyone knows by now, you are very unhappy if you continue to do so.Try to have a little imagination ...I can understand your obsession with me, but I am not angry, I am sorry for you, you are a very sad person ...Try to be yourself, not me :)
Il miglio verde/Green Mile

"L'ignoranza è una patologia che colpisce molte persone... I sintomi sono: la cattiveria, la presunzione, l'invidia e la cattiva educazione."Totò

"Ignorance is a pathology that affects many people ... The symptoms are: malice, presumption, envy and bad education". Totò

Remember what you did until a few months ago...
I don't feel like following you like you do with me, try to be original and delete some of your fake accounts.Maybe you will be able to focus more.
Don't make me talk, because you have so much to be ashamed of.
Arguing with you is wasted time, continue with the cheating as you are used to.

"I love listening to lies when i know the truth."


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