Catty Girl - - you didn't block me, you blocked yourself, you gave up
mat. You did it once, it's the second time. I wasn't a danger, you know that. You blocked me because you want to judge something you don't understand, you want to say the last word even if you're wrong. You want to turn the world around at will. You wanted to have a validation of your superiority. I hurt you because I used some stamps from another person. Your mind has already begun to create scenarios. It's the night of the mind. Find out what I'm not doing what you're doing ... for your peace of mind.
I never influenced friends to avoid a person, not to vote for their work or to be away from friends, I did not offend, I did not judge what I did not understand, I probably had the opportunity, but I did not.
In this case, you lock me, you unlock me in two days, why, what revelation did you have? You saw I used your stamps. Do you want me today, what will you do tomorrow after reading the message?
Actions like this no longer affect me, I became immune to venom.
What should I do now? What would you do? I have to remind you one thing, that you don't have to use people as objects. Use, get dirty and then throw in the trash.
This demonstrates the way you look at the people you criticize, you know better ..... I tried to be in solidarity with you when you were offended on the platform, but now I'm sorry you didn't deserve it. I sat in the shade and looked at you .. I was amazed .. There was not a single person, there were several
I appreciate your work on stamps, you want to do something, but your attitude destroys everything you build.
In general, people like the sensational, they like the show, they like the spicy taste.
Dear ones, the theater is open, the cinema is running, looking elsewhere for viewing.
Not everything that flies is eaten!
Do you know the Pavlov's Dog experiment?

13/06/2021 09:26

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Blue DREAM  Mary
Harley Quinn
Kdo de mon ami Joël
Beautiful evening!
Cadeau de mon ami JOEL
"The key" :
The human mind is too complicated, I prefer to be an alien
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Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Something romantic
Happy Birthday  Victoria
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Mission accomplished!
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary
Gothic art
I love music
Blue DREAM  Mary
Blue DREAM  Mary

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