I'm a 24 year old autistic girl.
I love to create things.
Sometimes I miss social cues.
I feel things intensely and might need a bit of patience.
I love picmix :3
My favourite celebs are Gregg Sulkin and William Moseley ♥
I am way into Disney, cartoons and gaming :3
I love aesthetic stuffs too

Sometimes I might need help with stuff that seems simple so sorry if I ask many annoying questions! Also tell me if that's the case! Thank you! :3

06/04/2021 02:44

PicMix (533)

{Classic Link}
{♥}Spaniel in Pink{♥}
{In the West}
(((Cute Little LPS Ladybird)))
{Pink LPS Seal}
{Cheeky Lil' Girl}
{Princess Aurora - Olive}
(♥)Baby Aurora(♥)
{{{Happy Birthday Alex!}}}
{{{Pepsi Pony}}}
{{{Pastel Snow White}}}
{{{Snowy Owl with Rainbows}}}
{#}William Moseley with Incineroar{#}
{Queen in Blue}
Espeon {Banner}
{[A Disney Surprise with Cake]}
{♥♣♥}Cute Giraffe{♥♣♥}
{♥}William Moseley{♥}
{{Taffyta Muttonfudge}}
{WOAH! Rainbow Eevee!}
{♥♥♥}Happy 34th Birthday to William Moseley{♥♥♥}
(((Sunny Victreebel)))
(((Swish & Flick - Bayleef Edition)))
{♥Fluffy Fire Cat - Flareon in Stockings♥}
{Dog and Cat - BFF!}
{Little Girl in Purple}
{♥Angel Bear♥}
{Cat and Kitten in Blue}
♥Princess Minnie♥ {Banner}
{{{Prince Eric}}}
{Melody & Sebastian on a rock}
{Bunny Betty Boop}
{Betty Boop - Retro Diner}

Stickers (1 243)

Hyrule Castle Smash 64Small Green FrameSmall Pink FrameCave BackgroundSmall Blue FrameWestern Country BackgroundWestern Country BackgroundSmall Brown FrameSmall Pink FramePink PlayparkSmall Pink FrameSmall Green FrameSleeping Beauty BackgroundSleeping Beauty BackgroundSmall Pink FrameSmall Blue Frame

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