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Nye den 13 august 2015
Bird Woman

Oh, btw my blingee name is birdie1952 ;)

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Bird Woman

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Kaz_Creations 21/08/2021
· den 19 august 2015
Dear Blingee Fans,

We have heard you loud and clear. This community is your home, and Blingee is a unique and irreplaceable creative outlet that must be saved. We are happy to announce that Blingee.com is here to stay.
Woman and Flowers
· den 19 august 2015
Hi, this is Birdtoes from Blingee :)
Bird Woman
· den 18 august 2015
Call me impatient. I posted a picmix more that 7 hours ago and it't still not moderated. :( >:(
Bird Woman
· den 16 august 2015
OMG, it takes ages before a picmix is moderated! :-(
· den 15 august 2015
Hello, burdie, boil one itself again. The world is small. I am glad this also you
here is. One nice Saturday and best regards Sylvia
Golden Beauty
· den 15 august 2015
Hello Gerlene
magic garden
· den 14 august 2015
Gerlene hello !! I'm glad to see you here this is not the same as blingee is true but at least we will contact all
My First
· den 14 august 2015
Hihi Gerlene, not sure how this commenting works yet. Glad to see you!
Bird Woman
· den 13 august 2015
This is strange, I can only leave 1 comment with somebody?