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Nye den 13 august 2015

I love a happy ending...... They are so rare

Hi everyone, my name is Diana. I'm 18 years old and I'm from the Netherlands. People may know me as dww1998 from blingee
I like roleplay, twilight, LOTR, HP, Marvel and much more. En

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Baltazar and Lucas
Effie Trinket
For adoption
Two is better than one
Paris the Hedgehog for Sweetnesscutie
Layla Winx Club
Flora Winx Club
Tecna Winx Club
Musa Winx Club
Stella Winx club
Bloom Winx Club
Infernape and Greninja
Diana the Hedgehog - Bad or Good
Willy Wonka
Diana the Hedgehog
Micaela Star for Sweetnesscutie
Froakie in Greninja costume
Zorua in Zoroark costume
Chimchar in Infernape costume
Fennekin in Delphox costume
Sleeping Vaporeon
Shiny Furret
Hilly Hindi as Caesar Flickerman
Welcome at my profile
Fiery Fox

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· den 22 januar 2016
Hello^^ I'm Anime_Angel16 of Blingee :) Have a nice Weekend :)
ME !!!!!!
· den 19 august 2015
good news blingee remains open ;-)
· den 18 august 2015
It's nice to talk to you again XD
❤️Amy Rose❤️
· den 18 august 2015
Yes, I'm already in love with this site as I was with Blingee. XD
❤️Amy Rose❤️
· den 15 august 2015
Good and you? ^^
Joy from Inside Out
· den 15 august 2015
Awesome, Diana! Glad you found me! This is the best thing next to Blingee. Blingee was the best. But now this will have to do. Less stress over contests and comps :)
❤️Amy Rose❤️
· den 14 august 2015
Hello there! ^^
· den 14 august 2015
Of course we can! ^^
· den 14 august 2015
Thanks for find me on here :D
Beautiful Day!!
· den 13 august 2015
I am peques22 blingee!
here you can find me by kim-nana
I hope to continue with our friendship! Ü ♥